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We are the leader in the road safety products

A brand that keeps road safety, as it’s first and foremost priority has been continuously working to deliver road safety products for the past 25 years under the contour of Descon Infrastructures. Descon Sign addresses the need for road safety products, retro reflective signages and road marking paints. Our products adhere to industry standards as determined by MORTH & IRC. Constant product development to meet the dynamic requirements of the industry has allowed us to deliver exceptional results. Descon Sign, as a brand, works in a team, believes in building relationships and is unconditionally committed to make the roads safer and smoother.








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A wide range of road safety products & retro - reflective signage to address the modern day need of road infrastructure.

Road Safety Products

An important part of the Road Safety portfolio are various road safety products which make the road forgiving. Thereby, ensuring basic road safety infrastructure.

  • Road Safety Cones
  • Spring Post
  • Crash Barriers
  • Reflective Delineators
  • Linear Delineator Strips (LDS)
  • Road Studs
  • Solar Road Studs
  • Tree Plates

Horizontal Signage

A language to convey rules and regulations to road users, horizontal signage refers to pavement markings carried out on urban streets, highways, expressways & airports. Pavement markings ensure safety on the pavement by providing guidance and information to road users.

Vertical Signage

Vertical visual fixations provide us critical information and guidance for disciplined and safe driving are vertical signages which are very important factors in road safety and guidance.

  • Informatory Signs
  • Cautionary Signs
  • Mandatory Signs
  • Overhead Signs

Innovative Signage

The 21st century is the age of digitalization. The introduction of digital devices and services has made day to day life much easier. Digitalization also helps to provide much more sustainable alternatives as compared to traditional methods/ devices/ services, thus making it necessary for it to be adopted in major infrastructure projects.


Project NameLocation
Project in Sitapur S.E. circle - Sitapur
Project in Prayagraj E.E NH.1 Division, Prayagraj
Project in Orai - Bhognipur NH-2, Orai - Bhognipur
Project in Varanasi (UP) Apco Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
Project in Sultanpur (UP) Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Project in Shrawasti (UP) S.E NH circle, PWD, Lucknow (UP)
Project in Lucknow Lucknow Metro, Lucknow