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Product Brief

A language to convey rules and regulations to road users, horizontal signage refers to pavement markings carried out on urban streets, highways, expressways & airports. Pavement markings ensure safety on the pavement by providing guidance and information to road users.

Thermoplastic Applied Paint

“Thermoplastic Road Marking Compounds” are thus a formulation of pigments, binders, aggregates, glass beads & additives. Thermoplastic Road Marking compounds melt in the temperature range of 180o -220oC at which point they are applied on the pavement with the help of dyes (through extrusion process).

Over the years, Descon has been committed to delivering quality products. Sunmark, the premium offering from DESCON Sign, is compliant with the technical Specifications as laid out in Clause 803 of “Specification of Roads and Bridgeworks’ published by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (Morth) & IRC-35-2015.

Key Features

Night Time Visibility

High Reflectivity

Variable Thickness

Immediate Drying

Long Lasting

Sunmark TM
remains our flagship product, adhering to the MORTH standards.
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Sunmark Pro TM
shows variation from Sunmark and is an economical version, adhering to BS standards.
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Glass Beads TM
make a significant contribution to highway safety, especially in conditions of poor visibility at night.
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Quality Inspection

The assesment of the performance of any pavement marking is a combination of various factors. As per the standards laid out by the Indian Road Congress (as per IRC: 35 - 2015), the most significant factor is the principle of retro-reflectivity.

Retro - Reflectivity

Retro- Reflectivity is accomplished in pavement markings through the use of glass beads partially embedded on the surface of the marking as binder material and also sprayed externally during application. A hand held instrument, Retro Reflectometer, is used to measure the retro-reflectivity on site. The Indian Road Congress has calculated different values of retro reflectivity for various design speeds & different durations.


S.No. Design Speed (RL) Retro-Reflectivity (mcd/m2/lux)
Initial (7 Days) Minimum Threshold Level (TL) and Warranty Period Required up to 2 Years
1 Up to 65 200 80
2 65-100 250 120
3 Above 100 350 150

Water Based Paint

An environmental friendly technique, water based paints have immense potential in the future road marking. Water based paints allow for quicker application, thereby allowing roads to be opened to traffic quicker as compared to thermoplastic compounds.

Key Features


Lower Enviromental
& Human Impact

Cost Effection

Faster Application



moonmark TM

Launching Soon


Project NameLocation
Project in Sitapur S.E. circle - Sitapur
Project in Prayagraj E.E NH.1 Division, Prayagraj
Project in Orai - Bhognipur NH-2, Orai - Bhognipur
Project in Varanasi (UP) Apco Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
Project in Sultanpur (UP) Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Project in Shrawasti (UP) S.E NH circle, PWD, Lucknow (UP)
Project in Lucknow Lucknow Metro, Lucknow